International Business Directories

There are many international business directories online that can provide a huge variety of information about businesses all over the world. Some simply list business email addresses, while others provide more detailed information, such as related businesses in a specific geographical area. Although there are free directories, those that provide detailed information often charge fees for joining the directory service. Sales representatives use the information in international business directories for leads. If a business wants to be added to a directory’s database, the business must often contact the directory and complete an application. Most directories have requirements in order to be listed, and if the company’s application is accepted, the business will be added to the directory database.

One of the largest international directories is with over 65 million public and private business listed. Financial information, including income statements, balance sheets and other data that can be verified is listed as well as general information about a business. Hoovers also has a Family Tree tool that maps relationships between parent companies, branches, and subsidiaries, so it often lists large businesses. Users pay a fee for using the directory. If a business owner wants to be listed in their database, an application is required. is an international business directory that allows free use of its online directory. It is designed for small businesses as well as medium and large ones, and it is available in six different languages. This is a small directory with around 48,000 web sites, but it may be helpful in bringing more visitors to a business site because it is listed high on Google search. This directory has general information about various businesses, but some directories are targeted toward a specific industry. is a directory that lists publishers by subject, such as cookbooks, children’s books, biographies, and more. Other directories are specific to one area of the world and are considered international business directories even though they may only list two or three continents. One of these that lists Asian businesses is Businesses may be listed for free in the category of the business owner’s choice. This website advertises that businesses that link their URL with’s high quality link will draw more visitors to their website as well as increase their search engine rating.

Facebook is another source for finding international businesses. Social media is a very popular vehicle for businesses to advertise and to build authentic relationships with clients and customers, and it has over 500 million users. Companies must list themselves on Facebook by opening an account, so only those who join will be listed.

Special Databases is another source that lists email addresses and businesses in the US, Canada, and the UK. They also feature specialty email lists, medical lists, and other targeted email lists that includes the names of owners, CEOs, and top executives. Other email lists are available with addresses from China and Dubai and other areas of the world that are highly developed. This website specializes in keeping business information current and up to date.

Of course, international business directories help businesses by getting their names and business information in a website’s database that could result in increasing sales. They are also helpful to clients and customers who are searching for international businesses. They have largely replaced the yellow pages business listings in paper form. Some directories are free for those searching for a business as well as for companies to be listed in the database. Others charge fees for users to search businesses, especially if they provide long lists of businesses that will be used for sales leads.

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