The Social Networking Boom

Cashing in on The Social Networking Boom

Individuals and businesses alike can take advantage of the growing use of social networks to establish & promote brands.  There is no doubt that social networking has come to stay despite some misgivings by some of us. If not, so many new social groups, though not necessarily with brand new ideas and interests, would not be springing like mushrooms and having their popularity ratings escalating progressively in next to no time. Perhaps you too are partly responsible for the traffic generated by your active participation in such a community for the thrill of it even if not for the content.

All of this has not escaped the attention of giants like Google who launched Google+ in an attempt follow up on with Facebook’s success.  They have also released a program for enthusiastic developers known as the Open Social API. Success of many community networks has stimulated the entry of many prospective newcomers trying fervently to build the next generation of super duper social networking communities. It is fortunate that most of these prospective developers have pooled their efforts in trying to bring about easy to download and install open source applications Going by the rate of developments, it may not be long before you too with dedication, research, planning and lots of imagination and innovation come up with a prototype for a new generation community in par with market leaders like Myspace, Facebook or Digg.

In the meantime you can promote your own brand or business with the help of Web 2.0 sites.  These sites rely on social networks and media to gain visibility on the Internet.  It can be thought of as spreading your tentacles as far as possible throughout a network.  Directory listings, social media campaigns, search engine friendly website design, and frequent content updates can propel an online property to the top of search engines rankings which in turn will generate ample traffic and brand recognition.  For example, getting a listing on an education website with a .edu domain extension is very valuable for search engine rankings.  Having such a backlink from a highly trusted address can be all the difference that is needed to achieve a first page ranking.

Realization of your dreams and objectives do not end with the development of a website with many tools to facilitate social networking. It marks only the beginning before the fierce battles ahead for survival and sustenance; for the big question is with so many giants with established customer bases and hefty budgets already in the fray, what outstanding difference makes your community click?

The story behind Digg’s success for instance is quite inspiring. They began with a simple old concept of finding and rating articles, but what made it soar in popularity is the way they integrated the system of rating and commenting with the introduction of a community based platform that became an instant hit. It’s not surprising since everybody yearns to be seen, heard and appreciated.

Some online businesses hire a directory submission service to submit articles, their webpage URL, or other webpage content to a thousand or more directories and social media related listings. The advantages of doing this are that it saves the business owner many hours that it takes to submit to directories, and it is also a good way of getting one-way backlinks to the website. Another advantage of having your website listed in a directory is that it gets a business recognized.

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