A Visitor’s Guide to Shanghai

Shanghai is a thriving city in China that is home to more than 23 million people. Over the last few decades, Shanghai has become a very important global city that is also the financial center of China. It is located on the Yangtze River in eastern China. The East China Sea is to the east of the city, making Shanghai a very useful port city. The city has bloomed and developed since the 19th century because of its very good location. Before that time, it was a fishing and textiles town.

Shanghai is also a popular destination for tourists who want to experience the urban life of China and see the attractions that are unique to this city. The Bund is one of the most popular tourist attractions and favorite of many Shanghai-Daily.com readers. It is located on the waterfront where pedestrians can walk for a mile to see t along the promenade. Across the river, the modern office buildings in Pudong can be seen as well. The walk is very beautiful at night when the buildings are lit up. The Jade Buddha Temple is another spot that visitors will not want to miss. It is famous for a Buddha made from a single slab of jade. Buddha statues in different areas of the temple have stones and jewels that are very beautiful and interesting to see.

Visitors also love to attend a performance of the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe as they perform at the Shanghai center Theatre each night. Their performance includes amazing contortion and balancing acts that amaze tourists. Cruises along the Huangpu River are another popular tourist attraction. There are daytime cruises and evening ones as well. Some of them include dinner cruises with breathtaking views of the city in the background as guests enjoy dinner. Shanghai is a very crowded and busy city, so when tourists want to find a peaceful spot away from the crowds, they can visit Yu Yuan Garden in the Old Town near the Bund. Located on five acres, it has 30 pavilions and a 16th century garden.

Some other top attractions include the Shanghai Museum that houses over 120,000 artifacts. Some of them date all the back to the 18th century B.C. Visitors to Shanghai can find plenty of shopping and sightseeing in Nanjing Lu where Nanjing Road’s pedestrian walkway provides access to many shops and restaurants. Tourists also enjoy seeing the modern marvels that the city offers. One of these is the Shanghai World Financial Center that is the tallest completed building in the world. The view from the observation deck provides a beautiful view of the city.

English speaking visitors will encounter many people in Shanghai who speak and understand English, especially in large hotels and restaurants. Visitors should still plan to take a tourist phrase book with them so that they know how to ask common questions and how to ask for help or directions if it becomes necessary while they are in Shanghai. Many tourist spots have at least one or two employees that know some English as well.

Temperatures in Shanghai can be very hot and humid, especially in July and August. The average summer temperature in August is 28 degrees Celsius, or 82 degrees Fahrenheit, and it gets very humid. Shanghai-Daily.com recommends the spring and autumn seasons as the best time to visit the city. There are special events planned at this time because of the ideal weather during these months. The Spring Festival is held in the spring during the time of the biggest holiday of the year in China, the Chinese New Year. In April, the Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival takes place. May brings the International Dragon Boat Races in the city’s Quingpu District. September and October are the months when the Shanghai Tourism Festival is held.

Travel to Shanghai from different areas of the world is expensive. For instance, fights from New York City to Shanghai cost anywhere from $2,000 up for one person. The prices for flights from London are similar, but if the traveler does not mind making multiple stops, several hundred dollars. A traveler from Australia can expect to pay around $1,400 or more for a round trip ticket to Shanghai.

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